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2018 Medicare Advantage Plans in Wyoming

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Improvements in Medicare in Wyoming 2018

Medicare continues to offer seniors and people with disabilities flexibility and choices while providing high quality healthcare services. Whether through Original Medicare (Parts A and B), Medicare Advantage, or the prescription drug benefit (Part D), 101,469 beneficiaries in Wyoming continue to have access to the benefits that Medicare offers.

In Wyoming in 2018:

3 Medicare Advantage plans are available

Same number of counties have access to a Medicare Advantage plan for 2018

23 Medicare prescription drug plans are available

78 percent of people with a Medicare prescription drug plan have access to a plan with a lower premium than what they paid in 2017

21 percent of people with Medicare prescription drug plan get Extra Help (also called the low-income subsidy, or LIS)

$20.40 is the lowest monthly premium for a Medicare prescription drug plan

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