7 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

7 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Traveling should be a fun experience and travel insurance helps to make sure that you do not incur unexpected burdens while away from home. Lets face it, nobody wants to encounter any complications while traveling. This is where travel insurance might come in handy. Several types of travel insurance is available to help you, including flight insurance, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, health insurance, baggage insurance and no-refund insurance. But deciding whether this additional premium is necessary may be a tough choice. However, if something should go wrong, your trip and your composure could be ruined. Here are some reasons why you need travel insurance.

  1. With the loss or theft of money, property and or travel documents, getting everything organized is a feat. Travel insurance protection offers a single point of contact to help you get back on track, with little cost to you.
  2. If you or your travel partners should fall ill or have an accident where you are forced to fore-go the trip, or the travel provider goes out of business, you are could be left in a helpless situation. Besides missing your vacation, you could end up losing the costs of your trip or incur hefty cancellation fees.
  3. Your destination has been hit by natural disaster, political unrest or medical outbreak, forcing you to cancel. A cancellation, even if it’s not under your control, may cost you.
  4. Traveling internationally will likely require checking your baggage. If your bags are lost or delayed, you could lose your packed valuables, or fork out cash for any essentials needed in the interim. Most major airlines offer a low payout for lost baggage and may not be adequate for expensive electronics or sports equipment.
  5. If you are injured or need medical attention while traveling, your stateside insurance may not cover you. In the unfortunate event that you are hospitalized, you might need to fly someone out to assist you. Travel medical coverage is handy to have, especially if you are on foreign soil and need help to evacuate and repatriate you back to the U.S.
  6. Heading for extreme sports or high-risk activities like rock climbing, snowboarding or adventure rafting? The requirement for emergency medical attention is too great, so extra coverage is necessary to keep you covered in case disaster strikes.
  7. If you damage property, engage in illegal activity or inadvertently hurt someone, you may need legal counsel or money for damages.

Just be careful and check out each company you are considering that offers travel insurance quotes. Make a list of what items you want to have coverage for and use that list to help you choose the plan that is right for you.

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  1. These are some great reasons. I have had travel insurance save me a few times at least with lost baggage. Nothing is worse then getting somewhere only to find out that you have nothing to wear or use.


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