AARP Medicare Complete Medigap Plans

AARP Medicare Complete Medigap Plans

About AARP Medicare Complete, Its Benefits, and the Enrollment Period.

For decades, AARP, a government-sponsored health insurance plan for senior citizens has been guaranteeing maximum benefits for the elderly, and this is why many people opt for the AARP Medicare Complete program.

What is there to know about this policy?

AARP Medicare Complete (Part C) is run by the federal government and underwritten by the United Healthcare , but administered through a non-governmental body (insurance companies), and thus there may be potential greater benefits.  Medicare Advantage Plan is a Medicare Plan Part D (medical prescription drug coverage or AARP Medicare Rx Plan ) and in order to qualify for it, the insured party must have Medicare Parts A (hospital insurance) and B (medical insurance).

This program usually has networks of doctors and hospitals that belong to the plan, and you are required to see them.

There are four types of AARP Medicare Complete plans to compare from:

  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan typically requires that you select a Primary Care Physician and you receive services from a network of local doctors and hospitals, except for the emergency room and renal dialysis service. Some of the plans also cover Part D and extended preventative assistance. Out-of-pocket costs are usually lower than with POS and PPO (which will be detailed below).
  • The POS (Point-of-Service) plan is rather similar to the HMO plan, but it is more flexible, offering the possibility to visit doctors and hospitals outside the network for certain services.
  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) allows you to choose any doctor or hospital both inside and outside the network for all the covered services; the outside services usually cost more, but not a lot more. However, it is highly probable that you will find your primary-care physician inside the network.
  • PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service) is a non-network plan; with PFFS, you can visit any doctor or hospital approved by Medicare that agrees to the terms and conditions of the plan’s payment. For example, if you’d rather receive service in a different area than where you live, this Plan is what you need.

What are the AARP Medicare Complete benefits?

The benefits that come with all the plans are the coverage of unlimited number of hospital days (unlike the 90 days benefit of Original Medicare), no three-day hospital stay required before Skilled Nursing Facility care, emergency coverage anywhere in the world, a 24 hours a day nurse line that provides health advice, and no co-payment for preventive care services. Many of the plans also include routine vision checks and hearing examinations and aid.

The benefit structure of Part C includes: yearly routine physicals, flu shots, pneumonia and Hepatitis B immunizations, annual screenings, like pelvic, mammogram, prostate cancer and cardiovascular, several colorectal procedures and tests, and diabetes self-management training at $0 co-payment.

When to enroll

You can usually enroll Medicare Complete during the initial enrollment period (three months before, and three after you turn 65) through an insurance company. However, if you miss that enrollment window, you can still register during the Annual Enrollment Period. In this period, you can also make changes to your plan, for example if you want to add or drop a part of your plan or modify it.

If you want to join this plan, you must live in the service area where you want to register, already have Medicare Parts A and B and must not suffer from end-stage renal diseases (with very few exceptions).

You can find AARP Medicare Complete Insurance, with its four more or less flexible plans,  is a great option for people aged 65 who are looking for an adequate insurance coverage and proper medical care in their retirement days.

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