Key Coverages of Travel Insurance

Key Coverages of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessary item to include in your travel budget.
This precautionary tool will protect your financial investment in your
vacation, give you medical coverage while out of the country, as well
as protect you in any unexpected bumps that can happen along the way.
Below is a breakdown of what a typical travel insurance package will

1. Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

This portion of your travel insurance ensures that you are reimbursed,
or compensated if you cancel your trip, your airline or tour guide
cancels your trip, or if your trip has been interrupted. An
interruption means that a flight gets delayed; or there is an
unexpected layover, or some other legitimate disruption that means you
are late for where you need to go.

2. Emergency Medical Coverage

Almost all regular health care coverage here in the US stops once you
cross the border. This means that unless you purchase travel insurance
you will be forced to pay out of your own pocket any medical expenses
incurred while abroad. While this may not seem like that big of a risk
or expense, accidents do happen. And while other countries have cheaper
healthcare than the US, that is only in comparison because it is still
by no means cheap. Having travel insurance will keep you from having to
pay for this unexpected emergency medical attention you may need.

3. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Baggage Coverage

Everyday thousands of bags are mishandled by airlines across the US,
and while most of this luggage is eventually reunited with its owner
(albeit battered and beaten up on occasion), sometimes it is lost for
good. And regardless of whether you get your bags back or not, this is
still a huge inconvenience and with travel insurance you can be
reimbursed for this inconvenience. Although most insurance companies
have a stipulated 24 hours that your luggage must be gone in order to
get any form of compensation.

4. 24/7 Travel Assistance

This portion of your travel insurance means that you have 24/7 access
to a customer service representative from the travel insurance company
that can help you in an array of situations. For example, by calling
this helpline, you can arrange for emergency cash or a replacement
passport in the event that your wallet is stolen; or if you’re involved
in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available. You
call this hotline and the insurance company will arrange for medical

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