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There are many reasons that a person should have life insurance but one important reason is to make sure your family will be taken care of in case something happens to you. There is no guarantee in life about how much time we have here on earth and while we would all like to think we will live to a ripe old age, the fact remains that most of us will not. Life insurance can help lift some of the burden that comes with the thought of passing on. No one wants to leave their family with a huge burden of debt, and today it is easier than ever to apply for life insurance. It all starts by getting a free instant life insurance quote. Just click on and you can get that free life insurance quote. All you have to do is type in a minimal amount of information. Once you have done that, click on the button to get your quote and sit back and watch quotes begin to fill your computer screen. That’s right, you do not even have to leave your home and you don’t have to worry about spending hours or even minutes on the phone, waiting on customer service to help you. You can sit in your PJ’s and get a quote instantly.


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Things To Know About Getting Quotes

There are a few things you should know when it comes to getting a life insurance quote. One of those things is to know about life insurance as a whole. You do not want to end up paying for something that you do not really need. That is how a lot of insurance companies end up making money. So, do some research about the different types of life insurance. Learn about short-term life insurance and learn about long-term insurance and find out which one would better suit you right now. It is important to know all that you can about life insurance before you even apply for a quote. This could not only help you save time but it can help you save money as well.

Life insurance is important to all of us who have a family to look after and everyone should have a policy under their name. Life can carry a huge burden all on its own but with death comes quite a few burdens and it is important to make sure that your family has one less burden to carry.

Different Types Of Policies

The two main types of life insurance policies that are offered are called “short term” and “whole life” insurance policies.

Short Term

In short term, it is exactly as it states: Short Term. If you accept a particularly hazardous job for a short period of time, you need a good short term life insurance policy that is going to pay off in a big way if you get killed in that hazardous position. Or, you are young and have a wife and a couple of children, you and your wife both would benefit from having a short term life insurance policy that would pay off big time in case either of you were killed in a car accident, bank robbery, or from a virulent form of cancer or other disease. If you had that short term life insurance policy in place and one of these horrible things happens to you and your family, the remaining spouse would have a large lump sum of money. That remaining spouse could afford child care until your children were old enough to go without a nanny or day care expenses. You would even have enough money to purchase a pre-paid college plan for those children. In other words, you would be financially secure. You would be financially secure, if you had purchased a short term life insurance policy that would pay a large sum to you. And these plans are not expensive. You see them advertised at a very low monthly fee. Keep in mind, though, that with short term life insurance polices that they are “short term.” You can find policies that are for a few months, a few years, and then 20 years. Your fee (read the fine print on any policy you are thinking of purchasing) will be the same for the “short term” period that you are covered, even if, in most cases, it is 20 years. You have 20 years of secure thinking in regards to the welfare of your family. You can’t do anything better for your family. A great big blue ice chunk falling from the sky could fall through your roof and flatten you in the process. Dire thoughts, but they are all possible. Just think of the benefit to your family. But remember, too, that this term life insurance policy will expire one day. Look for a policy that states in the fine print that when it expires you will have the option of continuing with the term life insurance policy at the lowest rate as possible. If you’ve taken out a 20 year life insurance plan, then those rates are going to significantly increase when that policy expires. Make sure you know what your options are when your policy expires.

Whole Life
Whole life is exactly what it says it is: You pay for it your “whole” life. If you have a good policy with a good insurance representative, you will pay the same sum each month for your whole life. But always read the fine print. The amount you pay for a whole life insurance policy is not as low in cost as a term life policy. In some cases, they are considered to be on the high side as far as monthly costs. And, remember, you will be paying for this policy your whole life. But, it could be enough for burial expenses for your children when your time comes.


I know of a young couple that was hit with a devastating diagnosis. The husband, in his late 30s, was diagnosed with melanoma. He struggled with the disease, battling it every way he could, but he died when he was 39. He left behind his wife and three children, all the children being under the age of 10. Well, Bill and Sherry had done what they should have done when their first child was born. First, they had a will made up wherein they designated who would get custody of their children should they die before their children reached their majority ages. Secondly, they purchased short term life insurance polices on the two of them, and also had mortgage insurance on their home in case one of them died. As a result, when Bill died, Sherry was able to handle things on her own. She still worked, but she was in a good financial position to take care of her family and keep her family in their home, the home they had known since the children had been born. Sherry and Bill had gotten a $500,000.00 short term life insurance policy on each other. When Bill died, Sherry received this money. Because of the mortgage insurance on their home, the home was paid off. She continued to work because she wanted to keep as much as possible of that term life insurance payout. She did. The bulk of the insurance money she used to buy pre-paid college plans for their children, and then socked the remainder of the money away. That way, she always had a backup pot of money for unexpected problems that always arise. She worked to pay property taxes, car insurance, utility bills, and other household expenses. Yes, she had to use some of the lump sum term life insurance payment to help with child care, but she became an independent woman, a widow but an independent woman, simply because of that short term life insurance policy she and Bill had purchased all those years ago when their first child was born. You can’t leave a better gift for your family, especially for the young families.

Whole life insurance policies are good. They might fit your needs to a tee. Just click on for a quote. My parents had whole life insurance policies. These policies were purchased many, many years ago and were enough to help us children pay for their burial and any remaining hospital bills. The policies were not huge in sum, but they helped us through that awful period when we needed it most.

Taking care of you and your family is the most important thing in the world. Click on a get an instant free quote for either short term or whole life insurance. It isn’t going to cost you one red cent. Just remember that any time you go to sign documents, read them thoroughly and understand them thoroughly. This goes for buying a car or buying a house. Understand what’s in those papers and what you are signing.

Good luck, and make sure you get a life insurance policy on yourself and your spouse. You will never regret it.

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