2014 Medicare Advantage by CPHL Advantage Care

Medicare Advantage Plans by CPHL Advantage Care

There are 1 different Medicare Advantage Plans offered by CPHL Advantage Care in 1 states. The plan with the lowest out of pocket expense is $6700 and the highest out of pocket is $6700. The highest overall rated plan available by CPHL Advantage Care received a 0.5 overall star rating from CMS and the lowerst rated plan is Plan too new to be measured stars. The highest Part C rated plan received a 0.5 star rating and the lowerst is Plan too new to be measured stars.

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Plan Name State MOOP Premium C+D Part D
Part C Rating Overall Rating
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CPHL Advantage Care (HMO)
New York $6,700 $- $310.00 Too NewToo New

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