Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud

Medical care is a very expensive concern for a majority of people and that is why they resort to health benefit programs like Medicare that promise a tension free retired life by financially supporting your medical needs. But, this very tool that is supposed to be your lifeguard in old age could be the gunman if you fall victim to Medicare fraud. It has happened to many and it may happen to you also. The U.S. government has lost billions of dollars through the abuse of the Medicare system. Unscrupulous individuals who are into committing Medicare fraud bill Medicare for services that were not provided or received. These individuals can either be the real policy holders who practice dishonesty in dealing with Medicare or doctors or providers who take unnecessary advantage of the patient’s Medicare plan. It can also be a person who steals another person’s Medicare card to avail medical services offered by Medicare.

Different types of Medicare fraud occur every year in the U.S. Some commonly reported cases include billing Medicare or a private insurance provider for services that you never received or for services or equipment that are different from what you received, using the Medicare card to avail the benefits for someone else, billing for home medical equipment even after it has been returned, etc. Whatever be the type of Medicare fraud, the burden is always on the honest members as they have to pay more premiums to compensate the losses to the federal government. And, even if someone else uses your Medicare card to get medical care or supplies, the charge will always be on you as the bill will be in your name and you could be convicted for cheating the Medicare system and the government which can be a very serious offense that many senior citizens won’t be able to handle.

Utmost care must be taken while giving away your Medicare card or its details. Even doctors can be the culprits when they offer you free medical care but bill Medicare for the same. Providers who offer free tests and equipment in return for Medicare card number also should be approached with caution; they may also use scare tactics to sell you costly services or equipment and then bill Medicare for those services. If you suspect any foul play, first cross check the details, collect the facts, and then report the matter immediately. Unless you fight against Medicare fraud, the Medicare plan will soon become an expensive affair and it will lose its original goal of providing medical care to even the lower income people.

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