Self Employed Health Insurance

Self Employed Health Insurance

It may require a little work and research on your part, but people who are self-employed/sole proprietors can obtain health insurance. There are two routes to take when seeking self employed health insurance: individual health insurance directly from the insurance company or group health insurance, usually through a chamber of commerce or trade association. In general, group health insurance is less expensive to obtain, so be sure to check with any local trade group or chamber of commerce you are associated with before making any inquires about individual insurance. The only drawback with group insurance is that since the plan has already been established, you have no choice as to the plan options that are available. Make sure that the existing plan will suit your needs before joining the group.

The second route, individual insurance, is usually more costly and will require more research before a plan can be established. There are many policies available with different types of coverage and different budgets from insurance companies. They may be researched via the Internet, an insurance broker or by calling the insurance company directly.

Although it may seem difficult to obtain self-employed health insurance, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If your business does well and you end up hiring at least one (full-time) employee, and you incorporate your business, you can acquire group health insurance for your new firm. Check thoroughly with each insurance company to determine the number of employees they consider to be a “small business” before committing to anything.

If you are looking for self employed health insurance, you might want to get several free online instant quotes from QOOQe to get a starting idea of price range and benefits from many different provider companies. Of course, before committing to any insurance program, research all aspects of the policy to be sure the plan is right for you and your family.

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