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Term Life Insurance Quotes

Once you realize that you only need to buy a policy, not use the insurance company as your investment banker, you will discover that your best option is to get Term Life Insurance. You’ll pay a lot less for the same death benefit offered by a whole life insurance. You just buy the policy, and you can invest your money more wisely elsewhere.


Term life gives you complete control over your money. You are only buying a policy, and not paying into an investment account with the insurance company. All too often, insurance companies give you very low returns on the investment part of your premium. You are better off to save on the premiums and invest in the difference yourself, in money market funds or growth funds.

You have to keep in mind the fact that insurance companies are in the business to make money by providing you with a service and a product, which you buy from them. When you offer them money to invest, they are making something for you, but also making something for themselves. Isn’t it better if you kept that money and benefited from all the profit instead of sharing it with the insurance company?


Term life rates have been dropping steadily in response to increased competition. Insurance policies are products that are bought and sold. Improved access to information, such as provided at this website, is equipping consumers with know-how so they can become better consumers of this product. For pure life insurance, why should you pay more than you have to?

Term life is a commodity and you should get the best rate for the consumer.

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