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2019 Medicare Advantage Plan Services for
Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO)

Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO) H1225-001 is a 2019 Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part-C plan by Johns Hopkins HealthCare available to residents in Maryland. This plan includes additional Medicare prescription drug (Part-D) coverage. The Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO) has a monthly premium of $25.00 and has an in-network Maximum Out-of-Pocket limit of $6,700 (MOOP). This means that if you get sick or need a high cost procedure the co-pays are capped once you pay $6,700 out of pocket. This can be a extremely nice safety net.

Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO) is a Local HMO. With a health maintenance organization (HMO) you will be required to receive most of your health care from an in-network provider. Health maintenance organizations require that you select a primary care physician (PCP). Your PCP will serve as your personal doctor to provide all of your basic healthcare services. If you require specialized care or a physician specialist, your primary care physician will make the arrangements and inform you where you can go in the network. You will need your PCPs okay, called a referral. Services received from an out-of-network provider are not typically covered by the plan.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare works with Medicare to provide significant coverage beyond Part A and Part B benefits. If you decide to sign up for Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO) you still retain Original Medicare. But you will get additional Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage from Johns Hopkins HealthCare and not Original Medicare. With Medicare Advantage Plans you are always covered for urgently needed and emergency care. Plus you receive all of the benefits of Original Medicare from Johns Hopkins HealthCare except hospice care. Original Medicare still provides you with hospice care even if you sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan.

2019 Johns Hopkins HealthCare Medicare Advantage Plan Details

Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO)
Provider:Johns Hopkins HealthCare
Type: Local HMO
Monthly Premium C+D: $25.00
Part C Premium:$0.00
MOOP: $6,700
Part D (Drug) Premium:$25.00
Part D Supplemental Premium$0.00
Total Part D Premium:$25.00
Drug Deductible:$0.00
Tiers with No Deductible:0
Gap Coverage:Yes
Initial Coverage Limit:$3820
Benchmark:not below the regional benchmark
Type of Medicare Health:Enhanced Alternative
Drug Benefit Type:Enhanced

Part-C Premium

Johns Hopkins HealthCare plan charges a $0.00 Part-C premium. The Part C premium covers Medicare medical, hospital benefits and supplemental benefits if offered. You generally are also responsible for paying the Part B premium.

Part-D Deductible and Premium

Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO) has a monthly drug premium of $25.00 and a $0.00 drug deductible. This Johns Hopkins HealthCare plan offers a $25.00 Part D Basic Premium that is not below the regional benchmark. This covers the basic prescription benefit only and does not cover enhanced drug benefits such as medical benefits or hospital benefits. The Part D Supplemental Premium is $0.00 this Premium covers any enhanced plan benefits offered by Johns Hopkins HealthCare above and beyond the standard PDP benefits. This can include additional coverage in the gap, lower co-payments and coverage of non-Part D drugs. The Part D Total Premium is $25.00. The Part D Total Premium is the addition of the supplemental and basic premiums for some plans this amount can be lower due to negative basic or supplemental premiums.

Premium Assistance

Depending on your income level you may be eligible for full 75%, 50%, 25% premium assistance. The Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO) medicare insurance offers a $0.00 premium obligation if you receive a full low-income subsidy (LIS) assistance. And the payment is $6.20 for 75% low income subsidy $12.50 for 50% and $18.70 for 25%.

Full LIS Premium:$0.00
75% LIS Premium:$6.20
50% LIS Premium:$12.50
25% LIS Premium:$18.70

Gap Coverage

In 2019 once you and your plan provider have spent $3820 on covered drugs. (combined amount plus your deductible) You will be in the coverage gap. (AKA "donut hole") You will be required to pay 25% for brand-name drugs and 37% on generic drugs unless your plan offers additional coverage. This Johns Hopkins HealthCare plan does offer additional coverage through the gap.

Plan Services

Health plan deductible


Emergency care/Urgent care

Emergency $90 per visit (always covered)
Urgent care $40 per visit (always covered)

Diagnostic procedures/lab services/imaging

Diagnostic tests and procedures 20%
Lab services $0 copay
Diagnostic radiology services (e.g., MRI) $250
Outpatient x-rays $20


Hearing exam $50
Fitting/evaluation Not covered
Hearing aids $699-999

Preventive dental

Oral exam $15
Cleaning $15
Fluoride treatment Not covered
Dental x-ray(s) $25

Comprehensive dental

Non-routine services Not covered
Diagnostic services Not covered
Restorative services Not covered
Endodontics Not covered
Periodontics Not covered
Extractions Not covered
Prosthodontics, other oral/maxillofacial surgery, other services Not covered


Routine eye exam $0 copay
Other Not covered
Contact lenses $0 copay
Eyeglasses (frames and lenses) $0 copay
Eyeglass frames $0 copay
Eyeglass lenses $0 copay
Upgrades Not covered

Mental health services

Inpatient hospital - psychiatric $300 per day for days 1 through 5
$0 per day for days 6 through 90
Outpatient group therapy visit with a psychiatrist $40
Outpatient individual therapy visit with a psychiatrist $40
Outpatient group therapy visit $20
Outpatient individual therapy visit $20

Skilled Nursing Facility

$0 per day for days 1 through 20
$160 per day for days 21 through 100

Rehabilitation services

Occupational therapy visit $30
Physical therapy and speech and language therapy visit $30

Ground ambulance


Other health plan deductibles?

In-Network No


Not covered

Foot care (podiatry services)

Foot exams and treatment $50
Routine foot care 20%

Medical equipment/supplies

Durable medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, oxygen) 20% per item
Prosthetics (e.g., braces, artificial limbs) 20% per item
Diabetes supplies $0 copay

Wellness programs (e.g., fitness, nursing hotline)


Medicare Part B drugs

Chemotherapy 20%
Other Part B drugs 20%

Maximum out-of-pocket enrollee responsibility (does not include prescription drugs)

$6,700 In-network

Optional supplemental benefits


Additional benefits and/or reduced cost-sharing for enrollees with certain health conditions?

In-Network No

Inpatient hospital coverage

$310 per day for days 1 through 6
$0 per day for days 7 through 90

Outpatient hospital coverage

$300 per visit

Doctor visits

Primary $5 per visit
Specialist $50 per visit

Preventive care

$0 copay

Coverage Area for Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (HMO)

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Source: CMS.
Data as of September 2, 2018.
Star Rating as of October 10, 2018.
For More Information on Ratings Please See the CMS Tech Notes.
Notes: Data are subject to change as contracts are finalized. For 2019, enhanced alternative may offer additional cost sharing reductions in the gap on a sub-set of the formulary drugs, beyond the standard Part D benefit. Includes 2019 approved contracts. Employer sponsored 800 series and plans under sanction are excluded.

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