List of Medicare Give Back Plans in each State.

The Medicare Giveback Benefit is a Part B premium reduction provided by some Medicare Advantage Part C plans. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with this benefit, some or all of your monthly Part B premium will be covered by the plan carrier. The standard Part B cost in 2023 is $164.90. The plan carrier will reduce your costs by “giving back” anywhere from $1 to the full Part B premium amount.

Who is eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan with a Part B rebate?

To be eligible you first must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. You must also pay your own Part B premiums. You are not eligible if you receive Medicaid or any other government assistance that helps you pay your Part B premium cost. The Part B rebate may be restricted to certain zip codes in your state. Some plans may not offer coverage in your area. This is because Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies who have defined geographic service areas. Currently, 48 U.S. states offer this benefit.

How do I receive the Medicare Giveback Benefit?

If you pay your Medicare Part B premium through Social Security, the Part B premium reduction Giveback will be credited to your Social Security check monthly. If you don’t pay your Part B premium through Social Security, you’ll pay a reduced amount directly to Medicare.

Could your plan change its premiums?

Yes, even though private insurers must follow Medicare’s rules for coverage in their Medicare advantage plans, they each set the fees they charge for premiums, services, and deductibles. This can only take place once per year on January 1st. Be sure to review any changes to your plan after this date.

*The Part B Giveback Benefit pays part or all of your Part B premium and the amount may change based on the amount you pay for Part B.

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Plans with Medicare Giveback Benefit in California

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Plan ID Provider
Monthly Premium Give
AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot (HMO-POS)
H0543-121 UnitedHealthcare $0 $25.00
Alignment Health AVA (HMO-POS)
H3815-026 Alignment Health Plan $0 $50.00
Alignment Health AVA (PPO)
H4961-007 Alignment Health Plan $0 $50.00
Alignment Health smartHMO (HMO)
H3815-013 Alignment Health Plan $0 $109.00
Anthem MediBlue StartSmart Plus (HMO)
H0544-007 Anthem Blue Cross $0 $52.10
Brand New Day Part B Savings Plan (HMO)
H0838-049 Brand New Day $0 $125.00
Brand New Day Valor Care Plan (HMO)
H0838-048 Brand New Day $0 $140.00
Central Health Savings Plan (HMO)
H5649-019 Central Health Medicare Plan $0 $125.00
Clever Care Value Medicare Advantage (HMO)
H7607-008 Clever Care Health Plan $0 $125.00
Humana Honor (HMO)
H5619-121 Humana $0 $75.00
Imperial Strong (HMO)
H5496-014 Imperial Health Plan of California, Inc. $0 $85.00
Molina Medicare Choice Care Select (HMO)
H5810-015 Molina Healthcare of California $0 $74.00
SCAN Venture (HMO)
H5425-084 SCAN Health Plan $0 $125.00
Wellcare Giveback Focus (HMO)
H5087-028 Wellcare $0 $50.00
Wellcare Patriot Giveback (HMO)
H0562-044 Wellcare by Health Net $0 $25.00

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