Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plans in Montana

There are 39 Medigap Plan F available to residents in Montana from different health insurance providers. Medicare Supplement Plans pay hospital and doctor bills not covered by Original Medicare, including deductibles and coinsurances. Medigap policies are standardized in Montana, making them easy to compare. The plans premiums range in price from $110 - $260.

Medigap Plan F in Montana

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Plan Name Under 65 Community Issued
AARP Medicare Supplement PlansNoYesNoNoMay 25 2000Enroll
Aetna Life InsuranceYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
American Republic Corp InsYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
American Retirement Life InsuranceYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesJun 01 2017Enroll
Assured Life AssociationYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
Bankers Fidelity Life InsuranceNoNoYesNoJan 13 2012Enroll
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MontanaYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MontanaYesNoYesNoAug 15 2014Enroll
Central States Indemnity Co of OmahaYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Cigna Medicare Supplement InsuranceNoNoNoYesJun 02 2017Enroll
Colonial Penn Life InsuranceYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Combined Insurance Company of AmericaYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Equitable Life and Casualty InsuranceYesNoYesNoAug 15 2014Enroll
Everence Association IncYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Family Life Insurance CompanyNoNoNoYesAug 09 2013Enroll
Gerber Life InsuranceYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Globe Life and Accident Insurance CompanyYesNoYesNoJun 19 2015Enroll
Humana Insurance CompanyNoNoNoYesJul 23 2015Enroll
Humana Insurance CompanyYesNoYesNoJul 23 2015Enroll
KSKJ American Slovenian Catholic UnionYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Liberty National Life InsuranceNoNoNoYesSep 03 2010Enroll
Loyal American Life Insurance CompanyNoNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
Manhattan Life Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
Medico Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
New West Health ServicesYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
Old Surety Life InsuranceYesNoYesNoAug 15 2014Enroll
Order of United Commercial Travelers of AmericaYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Oxford Life Insurance CompanyNoNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Reserve National Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
Sentinel Security Life Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
Standard Life and Accident Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesFeb 29 2016Enroll
State Farm Mutual Auto InsuranceYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
State Mutual InsuranceYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
Sterling Life InsuranceNoNoNoYesJan 11 2013Enroll
Thrivent Financial for LutheransYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
United American InsuranceNoNoNoYesNov 04 2014Enroll
United of Omaha Life Insurance CompanyYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll
USAA Life InsuranceYesNoNoYesAug 15 2014Enroll


Plan Type Premium
Plan A$67 - $183
Plan B$90 - $227
Plan C$107 - $262
Plan D$103 - $221
Plan F$110 - $260
Plan F High Deductible$27 - $89
Plan G$96 - $217
Plan K$42 - $107
Plan L$74 - $151
Plan M$97 - $194
Plan N$76 - $194
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Under 65 -- If this plan is avaiable to people under the age of 65.

Community Rated Pricing -- The base premium is the same for everyone in the area, regardless of age.

Issue Age -- The premium is based on your age at issue. And the premium will only increase with the carriers state-wide increase.

Attained Age -- The carrier will price the policy based on your age at issue and the premium will increase over time with your age. This is the most common pricing method that carriers use.

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