10 Highest Rated Medicare Advantage Plans For 2014

10 Highest Rated Medicare Advantage Plans For 2014

The providers listed below offer consistently high rated Medicare Advantage plans. CMS developed these 2014 Medicare Advantage Ratings in advance of the annual enrollment period. Each of the evaluated plans are rated and then scored on a 5 star scale. These plans receive a high performing score as a result of there performance on the Overall Part C measures. There was no change in the number of Medicare Advantage plans receiving five star rating in 2014. Plans ranking in the four or higher categories have increased from 26% in 2013 to 35% in 2014

The CMS main focus on evaluating each of these plans is based on five domains:

  1. Outcome: measures focus on improvements to a beneficiary’s health as a result of the care that is provided.
  2. Intermediate outcomes: Intermediate outcome help move patients closer to the “outcome” as defined above. Controlling Blood Pressure is an example of an intermediate outcome where the outcome would be better health status for beneficiaries with hypertension.
  3. Patient experience: Patient experience measures represent beneficiaries’ perspectives about the care they have received.
  4. Access: Access measures reflect issues that may create barriers to receiving needed care. Plan Makes Timely Decisions about Appeals is an example of an access measure.
  5. Process: Process measures the method by which health care is provided.

  6. Provider Name Plan Name State Rating
    Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Advantage Inland Empire California
    Group Health Cooperative Group Health Coop Clear Care Basic Washington
    Gundersen Health Plan, Inc. Gundersen Senior Preferred WI,IA
    Cigna-HealthSpring Cigna-HealthSpring Advantage (HMO) Florida
    Providence Health Plans Providence Medicare OR, WA
    Medical Associates Health Plan Medical Associates Basic Plan (Cost) Iowa
    Dean Health Plan, Inc. DeanCare Gold Basic (Cost) Wisconsin
    Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage(HMO) Hawaii

    • 5 Stars – Excellent
    • 4 Stars – Above Average
    • 3 Stars – Average
    • 2 Stars – Below Average
    • 1 Star – Poor



  1. What is the latest rating for Coventry Health Care (H3928) / Health Maintenance Organization’s Advantra ( HMO ) (001) Medicare Health Plan?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information about Medicare plans. My children are becoming independent and I realize that the world is very different from when I started my adult life. I want my children to make their own educated decisions for their financial and professional future.
    Eli | Fiscal Fitness


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