AARP Medicare Advantage Complete Plan

AARP Medicare Advantage Complete Plan

As someone who is reviewing Medicare plan options either for yourself or for a loved one, I can almost a guarantee that you have heard of the AARP brand before, if you are not already deeply familiar with the organization.

AARP is a consumer organization whose goal is to help seniors of every walk of life. They are not actually an insurance company. If you are interested in health insurance, the AARP branded medical insurance plans are actually underwritten by Aetna insurance company. In the case of Medicare supplements and/or Medicare advantage policies, they are underwritten by United HealthCare  insurance company.

The AARP Medicare complete plan is a type of Medicare advantage policy, and not a Medicare supplement. Medicare advantage also goes by the name of Part C, which is a combination of traditional Medicare benefits and a private insurance policy merged together to provide an all-in-one plan for seniors.
Depending on where you live, this Medicare advantage policy might be branded as Secure Horizons instead of AARP, something you should be aware of in case you think they are totally different companies.

This happens to be a very popular Medicare advantage plans option for seniors this year because the premiums are starting at zero dollars. Even if this policy does not charge you a monthly plan premium, you’re still responsible for paying your Part B premium to traditional Medicare. A number of other factors are making this a very successful plan for this enrollment period. First of all, there is no medical plan deductible that needs to be satisfied before services are covered. Secondly, you can use in and out of network providers without the need for a referral for in-network physicians. Finally, your maximum out-of-pocket payment for the year for non-drug-related expenses is capped at $10,000 before this policy covers all Medicare covered expenses at 100%.

Like all highly successful Medicare advantage products, this policy also comes with your Part D or prescription drug coverage. You will find that Part D drug benefits are similar, almost identical across the board, regardless of the drug plan company. What really makes a difference is the copayments for drugs and the drug list, or what they call the formulary. You can see an example of plan Aarp Medicarecomplete Hmo H4514-007 available to Texas residents by AARP.


  1. We have AARP Medicare complete, my husband needs cataract surgery, will this be covered


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