AARP Medicare Rx Plan

AARP Medicare Rx Plan

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is an organization that provides prescription drugs to the beneficiaries of Medicare at low costs. This Medicare approved organization has designed three drug plans that cover almost all brand name prescription drugs or its generic brand included in Medicare Part D. Around 60,000 pharmacies participate in the AARP Medicare Rx Plan to provide expensive prescription drugs at a reduced rate. The 3 prescription drug plans provided by AARP are AARP Medicare Rx Plus a Enhanced Plan and a Saver plan. Each of these plans includes one or more of co-payment tiers. Tier 1 includes generic drugs and has the lowest co-pay; Tier 2 has preferred brand name prescription drugs with medium co-pay; the higher co-pay Tier 3 includes non-preferred drugs; and the highest co-pay comes in the Specialty Tier.

The three AARP drug plans cover the drugs that are also covered by Medicare Part D. AARP Medicare Rx Plan has mid-priced premiums, flat and simple co-pays with no deductibles. AARP Medicare Rx Plan – Enhanced has an additional bonus drug list that includes drugs not covered by Medicare Part D. This plan offers Tier 1 generic drug coverage with flat and simple co-pays and no deductibles. The only plan that has annual deductible is AARP Medicare Rx Plan – Saver. However, this plan includes the lower monthly premiums and co-pays. Other benefits of the AARP plans include discount mail order prescription services, additional assistance for low income beneficiaries, discounts on prescriptions approved by FDA, etc. The organization also offers other discount programs like discounts on vision programs, fitness programs, dental insurance and long-term care. Medical Supply Services are also offered through Prescription Solutions for individuals with diabetes or respiratory problems; this service aimed at the Medicare Part B beneficiaries and has no out-of-pocket expenses and provides free home delivery of supplies.

If you are eligible for Medicare Part A or enrolled in Medicare Part B, you qualify to be enrolled in the AARP Medicare Rx Plan. Usually, the enrollment period starts three months prior to the individuals’ 65th birthday month and lasts until three months after the birthday month; this is called the seven-month enrollment window. If the individual has not enrolled in the AARP Medicare Rx Plan during this period, he/she can enroll in the open enrollment period.  You can also make any plan changes during the open enrollment period.  This is between November 15 and December 31 of each year.


  1. I am changing Part D insurance and find it impossible to cancel AARP Rx on line.
    I’d like to have a paper copy on the unenrollment. Does it have to be so difficult?

    • Trying to cancel AARP Medicare RX ($49.20/month) via auto withdrawal payment but unable to do so via telephone. Talked to 10 different people who could not or would not help me. It appears my option is have the bank stop payment. Can you help?

    • I am Medical Doctor, ordered a prescription drug that is quite expensive
      United Health Care is to pay most of the price, still one prescription cost
      me $ 105.00.This time OptumRx Rex. sent me the generic form that cost significantly less but still charge me the same $ 105.00…Who is keeping the money saved?

    • I am having the same problem with Express Scripts. They did not advise me until after the open enrollment period that my monthly premium increased by 43% and that they will no longer cover my asthma meds (my only expensive Rx). I am so frustrated. Have called them, OSHIP, and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Finally, talked to someone who said they will be mailing me a form to drop my coverage. This Med D is a farce. Nothing more than a way to line the pockets of the insurance industry.

  2. I am visiting my son in Florida. Had to get a refill of Carvedilol 25 mg, 180 pills. CVS charged me $60.19.

    Called them – they had no insurance information on me – gave her info;
    was told to come back Saturday. They credited my credit card, but
    recharged me $19.xx

    Looked it up and it is covered by Medicare.

    Who do I complain to and how do I get the credit applied to my credit card? Esther Carr

  3. I am having so much trouble with united health care in begining they did not set up to come out of social security check and now I have to pay them at a address in carol stream ill. I sent pay ment and have not cash check I cannot afford to pay again or stop check it might go thro. thanks

  4. You will not let me have my estradiol cream instead you want me to take this Wi th all of the side effects. Why don’t you give it to your mother first for 10 years. You use to cover this.

    I will make sure everyone knows how you denied coverage and change my policy as soon as I can.

  5. Called aarp, changed my plan after reviewing my medications. Person I talked to assured me all of my meds were covered with not co-pay. I guess he was misinformed. They need to get competent people to answer questions.

  6. I needed Bactrim for a bee sting and doctor gave me a scrip. I can’t swallow the huge pills so he gave me a script for the liquid version. Went to pick it up and it was $68. Say what!! You wouldn’t cover it because of my age….78….it’s reserved for children. I’m sure there are a ton of ‘seniors’ out there who can’t swallow those huge pills. I had to get the horse pills and use a hammer to crush them. I’d like to see you re-think this policy!! Thank you for listening!!

  7. What is tier 5. I am supposed to take a to help shrink the tumor on my vocal cord. My co-pay is $2700.00 per mo. because it is in tier 5. What is that tier and will this amount ever be less?

  8. please tell me how to cancel a policy after the death of insured

  9. I have been trying to get a prescription card for 3 years, can’t get anyone there to help



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