Florida Medicare Advantage Plans from Freedom Health

Florida Medicare Advantage Plans from Freedom Health

Freedom Health, which was founded in 2004, is a Tampa, Florida-based health insurance business that’s operated and owned by a group of physicians. The organization administers Medicare and Medicaid benefits throughout many Florida counties. It aims at providing members with affordable health coverage which is designed to upgrade their quality of health care and cut down on out-of-pocket costs. The organization works closely with a network of local health insurance brokerages and agents and also has offices in Casselberry, Fort Myers, Ocala, Spring Hill, and Vero Beach.

Since the health maintenance organization (HMO) deals strictly in Medicare and Medicaid plans, its medicare supplemental coverage is offered in combination with an existing Medicare or Medicaid policy. Therefore, to qualify for one of their health plans, you will already have to be enrolled in a Medicaid policy or Medicare Part A and Part B. Freedom Health has several different Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. These include plans that provide prescription drug coverage and have Part B premium reductions, as well as those aimed at customers with chronic conditions and those who have coverage with both Medicare and Medicaid.

In the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans, you have to use prescription drugs that have been placed on an approved list. The policy can be part of your Part B or D premium, cover medication through the coverage gap, and sometimes offers reduced co-payments for mail-order and generic drugs. However, you need to be aware that if your Medicare Advantage plan offers coverage for prescription drugs and you then enroll in a standalone drug plan, you may be removed from the Medicare Advantage Plan and placed back into original Medicare.

The Freedom Health Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are designed to provide health care for certain people. These include those who suffer from chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or diabetes, those who are institutionalized, and those who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

The company provides three different SNPs, known as Combined, Pulmonary, and Dual Eligible. The Combined SNP covers people with diabetes and certain types of cardiovascular disease. These are cardiac arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, chronic heart failure, and chronic venous thromboembolic disorder.

The Pulmonary SNP covers people with chronic lung disorders such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic bronchitis. The Dual Eligible SNP is designed for those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

The company’s basic Medicare Advantage Health Plan is an alternative health insurance option for senior citizens to original Medicare. It offers better physician and hospital benefits as well as drug benefits at a lower cost. This plan enables you to combine both your prescription drug and health coverage for one price while supplementing your existing medicare covereage.

Freedom Health’s Advantage Plans includes a large network of local Florida hospitals and doctors which coordinate your health care professionally.


  1. We need to move my mother to Maryland as she is unable to care for herself any longer.
    She has Freedom Health and is on Medicare. We are trying to sort out what is needed to move her to another plan when she comes to Maryland.
    I am continuing my search for information but any help you can provide will be most appreciated.

  2. What Doctors in Ocala accept Freedom Health Hmo?

    Primary care= Dr. Gary Helfin
    Specialist. Dr. Paul Urban ( CVI)
    tlc Physical therapy
    Moffitt Cancer Center
    Orthopedic Institute Dr. Jason Key
    Daily hospital charges for first five days

  3. What Doctors, specialists and hospitals are available in the daytona Beach area


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