Humana Medicare Health Plans

Humana Medicare Health Plans

Humana is one of the biggest health insurance providers in the country providing one of the largest health care networks. Nearly 10 million people are enrolled in Humana in America including 5 million Medicare policy holders. Humana offers a wide range of additions to Medicare so you can find a plan that fits your lifestyle, your coverage needs, and your pocketbook. Humana is “A” rated by A.M Best and has been in business for over 50 years. Humana offers there types of coverage for Medicare beneficiaries Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans as well as Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Humana offers health insurance services in all 50 U.S. states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Humana Medicare Supplement

Since all Medicare supplement plans are standardized, which means every plan generally offers the same coverages across the board.  What you want to do is check if Humana has a competitive rates for the Medigap plan you find most favorable. Also double check the prior two years renewal rate increase history for Humana in your area. Remember that Humana Medicare supplements do not have any network restrictions (except Medicare Select Plans or Choice Plans).  With Humana you don’t have to worry about if your doctor accepts the plan or if it’s good in another state when you travel.  Humana offers Medicare Supplemental plans A, B, C, G, K, L, N and a high deductible version of Plan F.

Humana Medicare Advantage

When shopping for a Humana Medicare Advantage plan keep this tip in mind. Like Part D drug plans Medicare Advantage plans pricing and availability is based on which county you live in.

Humana offers three Medicare advantage plans- availability dependent on your local area:

Humana Gold Choice (Private Fee For Service) This type of Humana Medicare Advantage product does not include prescription drug coverage, so you would need to sign up for a separate part D drug card if you desire prescription drug coverage.

Humana Gold Plus HMO. This is the HMO version of their Gold Plus Medicare advantage line. In exchange for the lowest out-of-pocket expenses you give up some of your autonomy.

Humana Choice PPO. This will give you the beneficiary the most control over your healthcare choices and exchange for a higher out-of-pocket then Humana HMO Medicare health plan offers.

compare Humana Medicare advantage plans How affordable are Humana Medicare Health Plans?

Humana Medicare Part D

Like the Medicare Advantage plans that Humana offers, Part D drug cards from Humana are available based on which county you live in.

So what you want to do is get your medications together, write-down the name of the medications you take, the dosage and frequency in which you take it. And compare Medigap’s out-of-pocket cost would be for your medications with Humana Part D drug plans, taking into account the premium for the drug plan as well as your co-pays or coinsurance for the drugs.

Humana offers three main Medicare Part D drug plans:

Humana Walmart Preferred RX plan. This is a very popular part D drug card offered in conjunction with Walmart. It’s only $15.10 a month and co-pays are as little as one dollar after a $320 deductible is met.

Humana Enhanced. If you’d like a part D drug plan without the hassles of a drug deductible and a large network of pharmacies to choose from you should look into the enhanced prescription drug plan.

Humana Complete. This is the Humana “Cadillac” drug plan for seniors who want a drug plan that is going to cover the most amount of medications with a national network of pharmacies that includes over 61,000 retail locations nationwide.


  1. I live in Yuma Arizona and wanted to get your humana Medicare advantage plan. Is your humana readers digest healthy living the same thing as Your humana gold choice or gold plus or choice? Thank you

  2. Can you get Humana health insurance if you are on Medicaid?

  3. I will need more monthly payment vouchers for my 2019 payments. I was not sure it they will be mailed to me automatically or if a request is required.


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