Medigap Plans from Gerber Life Insurance

Medigap Plans from Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber life started out as a life insurance company building a sterling reputation over a 156 year history. Now they are on their way to dominating the Medicare supplemental insurance market.

Gerber life sells Medicare supplements which are also called Medigap plans a senior citizens health insurance option to cover the costs not covered by Original Medicare Parts A and B.

Currently Gerber has the Plan A, Plan B, Plan F and Plan G available to Medicare beneficiaries. Remember these are Medigap plans, so there are no networks, you can use any Dr. or medical provider in the country that accepts original Medicare and assignments and you will not have to worry about a Dr. list.

All of these Medicare supplement plans offered through Gerber life will cover your major out-of-pocket costs, those being the part a and part B deductibles and other costs associated risk receiving treatment from a Medicare contracted provider such as outpatient lab testing, outpatient surgeries and Dr. visits.

An interesting fact about Gerber life Medicare supplements is that they are actually underwritten by Mutual of Omaha. So if you call the 800 number for Gerber Medicare Supplement quotes, they will answer the phone as Gerber but you are in fact common to Mutual of Omaha’s call center.

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  1. I retire April 21,2017.
    I am 66 years old.All of this supplemental insurance is so confusing,to the point,I’m scared to retire for fear I can really
    mess myself up,for medical and dental coverage that I can afford,
    and understand.


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