UHC’s Care Improvement Plus for Special Needs Plans

UHC’s Care Improvement Plus for Special Needs Plans

The Care Improvement Plus program was founded in 1977 by UnitedHealthCare. They offer health care to millions of residents on Medicare and Medicaid. The Medicare part pays for the medical, hospital, healthcare services and prescription medications.  This is for people that are aged 65 and up or for particular disabled conditions. Medicaid is for helping individuals that have a low income.

Being a CMS contractor, they must provide services for the requirements of their clients. They are a quality improvement organization and operate as a non profit business.

Care Improvement Plus has a reputation for being a unique Medicare Advantage special needs plan. This is to help with special benefits for beneficiaries using Medicare that have special conditions like heart failure or diabetes. The plan for UHC is to continue including additional offerings for people with full Medicaid and or a Low income subsidy. There is also a plan that works with just Medicare alone. They also have a pharmacy provider and prescription medication network.

The plan years always begin on January 1st. In order to qualify for the program, you must have the required Medicare Parts A and B. The hours to contact them by telephone are 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. The states that Care Improvement Plus serves are:
New Mexico
New York
South Carolina

Members of Care Improvement Plus has a special needs plan for those that are chronically ill, and qualify for this plan. The qualifications of this plan are:
• Diabetes
• End- stage renal disease
• Chronic obstructive cardio pulmonary disease
• Heart failure

The Care Improvement Plus policy offers a dual advantage with a regional provider network, you must be enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. You must also be classified as a beneficiary for Parts A and B to be dually eligible for rate sharing amenities.

Special need plan members will work with a nursing coach, health care officer and a field nurse. Their goal is to help reduce any unnecessary trips to the hospital by using education and being proactive in your care management. With this coverage, the special needs plan is expanded and also cares for podiatry visits for patients that have diabetes to help reduce foot problems. Special shoes can be received, monitoring tools and blood pressure equipment, as well as medical transportation services for appointments.

This program also helps the chronically ill patients and provides medical providers for them. With care improvement plus the members have a large selection of different options for finding a pharmacy, hospital or a doctor. There is financial help that may be available for those that are live on a low income subsidy. Up to 100% of the prescription drug costs for those on Medicare can be paid. Also, monthly plans for prescription plan costs, deductibles, and co-insurance costs may be covered.

Having a care program that can be easily understood is something that we think is important.

There are too many confusing, technical terms that can simply make it all a blur. They aim to help seniors consider their health insurance options and help them with the care that they need and deserve.

With any questions, you may have there is someone there during the hours of 8am to 8 pm every day of the week. A company like this has good aspects and bad ones. Most companies that are trying to deal with government agencies and the medical fields, in order to help the elderly can be a difficult task.  This company is showing a pretty good rating for medical and prescription care.  The only major drawback is that this plan does not cover all the states.

To find out if the Care Improvement Plus meets your requirements and needs check our Medicare supplement insurance quotes page.  There you will find a free tool that aids you to get and compare the coverage that you need and want. This will also let you compare providers and quotes for the costs of different Medicare insurance providers.


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